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  • I will disable it too, but they are right. Mozilla is not in a position to fight the ad industry, alone, and being funded by a ad company (Google).

    Best they can do is try to increase the privacy while the ad industry makes money from us. The ad industry is a fucking cancer and I would make them illegal tomorrow if I could. But we are here, on a dense planet called earth, living during the capitalism era. It’s like the stone age.

  • Virgin doesnt matter, stop acting like it’s the end of the world if you don’t get laid. That’s teenage thinking from Hollywood movies.

    Do something. Are you overweight? Start moving. You wouldn’t write this post if you didn’t want some advice would you?

    There is always a way to make your situation better… You are not useless. How did you even find Lemmy if you are useless? Obviously you have a working brain.