I have seen them around the Fediverse and on Reddit and if implemented properly it helps greatly.

I don’t know about others but I appreciate a good TL/DR bot to help determine if I want to read the full article posted.

is this something that has been considered for communities like news? I know I would like to see this.

A working example seems to be: https://lemmy.world/u/tldrbot that used this under the hood: https://github.com/SleeplessOne1917/lemmy-bot

  • Los@beehaw.org
    1 year ago

    There was a discussion amongst the admins and moderators about a summary bot that was making the rounds a few days ago. It was pretty in your face and even produced some inaccurate information. Though, the reason that it was so disliked was that it encouraged people to not read the source material. In the end the decision was made to ban the bot.