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The amount of apps being developed for iOS / Android is getting really crazy now and new apps keep popping up every day. Updated list below:

  • Artemis (iOS, Android, kbin, lemmy): link
  • Memmy (iOS, lemmy): link
  • Mlem (iOS, lemmy): link
  • Morpha (iOS, lemmy): link
  • Thunder (iOS, Android, lemmy): link
  • Beyond (iOS, Android, lemmy): link
  • Limbo (iOS, Android, lemmy): link
  • Jerboa (Android, lemmy): link
  • Slide (Android, lemmy): link
  • Sync (Android, lemmy): link
  • Unnamed (kbin): link

Most apps on the list are lemmy apps, meaning they don’t work with kbin. Artemis is specifically designed to work with kbin, not sure if or when any of the other ones will go in that direction or become interoperable as there are some challenges with the kbin API at the moment. Having said that, a new API is in the works ( so things should get better with time. Some of the apps are in very early stage of development so it may happen that they adjust OS availability and platform support.

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