Does boost support 2 factor auth?

I can’t login: If i use the incorrect user+pass I get ‘incorrect login’ if I use the correct ones I get ‘login failed’.

There is no option to enter my required 2fa code…

/edit switched apps then switched back and the 2fa field showed up but refused my code. Force stopped the app and got the same ‘login failed’ message switched apps again and back; now it shows all fields and finally logged me in correctly.

Seems buggy af.

    10 months ago

    From posts in other subs it seems like Lemmy 2fa is just sort of buggy in general right now. I’ve seen several subs with sticky posts recommending not using it yet. I’d choose a strong random password and wait a few weeks and see how it shakes out, keep an eye on server announcements and Lemmy release notes for updates.