legal advice on when you need to show ID to police in canada
produced by kalmplex you have to show ID to police?Lawyer, Davin Charney, gives an overview of the law in Canada.Produced for t...

Don’t generally have to show ID or identify yourself to police,

  • But have to during regulated activities like crossing boarder, restricted movie, driver’s license when driving, restricted movies, show ID to purchase/consume alcohol

If police find you commiting an offense, have to ID self or will charge you with obstruction. Ex jay walking, bicycle violation, trespassing. If charged with “obstruct police” but they were simply gonna give you a ticket, now they won’t give you just a ticket

If arrested, have to identify self, also police won’t release you until they figure out who you are. To secure release, tell them name, dob, address

Don’t lie to police, better to remain silent. Lying to police can be nailed with “obstruct police”

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