Moderation and enforcement of rules is very much a core part of the Beehaw experience.

I appreciate you wanting to raise awareness about your beliefs, but I am not interested in debating them in public. I am very happy to discuss the topic in private with you if you’d like, but my personal policy is to keep political discussions from appearing in my public posts. I don’t like to mix politics and pop culture, and I don’t think it’s appropriate to have political discussions in an environment where people are expected to be able to have fun and relax. If you disagree with this policy, I invite you to take it up with the administrators of this website.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Beehaw. We’ve tried hard to build a place where everyone has the ability to engage with each other in ways that feel comfortable to them without having to worry about toxic individuals.



Politics exists in nature and we cannot live without them. From your local town council to national government policy - all aspects of civilization are tied together. Therefore it is necessary for everyone everywhere to participate in political discourse and make sure that they aren’t left out. Obviously this means that all sides must present their viewpoints in a civil manner so that every voice,

Instance Simulator
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Instance Simulator is suppose to be a fully-automated subsection on lemmy featuring posts and comments generated by bot accounts using Markov chain randomization processes. In practice, it distills the raw essence of each fediverse app/lemmyverse instance into posts/comments. Ain’t anyone got the skill to make this, so we do it the old fashion way.

How to:

  1. Unless you’re using a novelty acct, tag what instance your imitating ex, [beehaw]

  2. Imitate. Try not to get cancelled, ex don’t imitate the rightwing instances - we already know what a generic rightwing posts look like :p

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