Hi y’all! I wanted to put out some feelers to see if people on here would be interested in doing a Make Something Month. It’s kind of like National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) only the thing you make doesn’t have to be a novel, it can be anything you want! I am also thinking it will be different by having it be in October instead of November because November can be a pretty busy month, especially for people in the U.S. celebrating Thanksgiving.

If you want to participate, I am thinking the format will center on a few posts that someone (probably me) makes throughout the month for people to share their progress. At the beginning of the month, this will include figuring out who all is participating and what their goals are. Then update posts follow approximately weekly. A few days after the end of the month, to allow people last minute finishing touches and time to figure out how best to showcase their work, there would be a showcase post where everyone can talk about their finished products.

I have participated in this a few times before in other communities and really enjoyed it, so I wanted to see if others here at Beehaw would be interested too. Feel free to share ideas for how to run the event, or ideas that you might want to work on as a participant!