• OtterOPA
    13 days ago

    Water Street Pedestrian Zone Pilot will be temporarily removed to make way for the worldclass bike race July 8 2024 –

    Gastown is set to welcome thousands of fans to its brick and cobblestone streets for the 51st anniversary of the Gastown Grand Prix this Wednesday July 10 with events starting at 5:30pm.

    In preparation for the bike race, the Water Street Pedestrian Zone Pilot furniture and other features will be temporarily removed starting Monday July 8. All features will be reinstalled immediately following the race on Thursday July 11 and the pedestrian zone is expected to be fully operational by Friday July 12.

    Once re-installed, the Water Street Pedestrian Zone Pilot will remain in place for the rest of July and August as a vibrant and shared community space.

    For a full list of upcoming summer festivities taking place in Gastown, visit gastown.org/events