I made a joke post about watching all of Star Trek again and some people asked me about my viewing order,so I decided to make a more formal post about it.

(Save this post, I will be updating it as time goes on)

Let me explain sum up; I ascribe to the idea of three distinct timelines. One involving all of the original set of series and movies, one for the alternate timeline movies ,and one for the current set of series. This isn’t a post to argue about what order is more accurate, this is just my collection of lists for others to enjoy if they so desire. I have my rationales for organizing everything this way.

RODDENBERRY TIMELINE: https://pastebin.com/wiPG3KEu (temporary link)

(I’m really distracted by important things right now, so I will have to add the others later. I also already know that there are a number of errors with the first list, I will update it in the future. Until then, enjoy.)

Star Trek: Continues can be watched for free on YouTube & here.

Collage by Revo-Collage @ DeviantArt.