The trade deadline (July 30) is about 6 weeks away.

The Blue Jays are currently 2 games below .500 and 4 teams out of the 3rd wildcard spot with the Rays only a game behind them. They’ve got a tough schedule ahead without an easy opponent until the Athletics on August 9th.

If the Jays can get above .500 the next month and get within a few teams of the 3rd wildcard spot, they could potentially be buyers at the trade deadline. Saying this, I realize I’m not exactly sure how much trade capital they can afford to part with. Alternately, they’ll probably sell off expiring contracts to try to come back stronger for 2025.

There’s a good chance we’ll know more about the future of this team a month from now. How’s everyone feeling about the team in general, how do you think the Jays will do against this spree of tough teams, and any predictions for the future?