Four American educators from a small Iowa university were injured in a stabbing attack in a public park in northeast China’s Jilin province on Monday, according to U.S. media and U.S. government officials.

Iowa Representative Adam Zabner told Reuters his brother was one of the victims. “My brother, David Zabner, was wounded in the arm during a stabbing attack while visiting a temple in Jilin City, China,” he said.

The group had been visiting a temple in Beishan Park when they were attacked by a man with a knife, he added. There were no reports of a motive.

A video of people lying on the ground in a park covered in blood were circulating on X on Monday, though no trace of the images could be found on Chinese social media. Reuters was able to identify the location based on Chinese characters written on a wall, the wall’s structure and the layout of the path. Reuters was not able to confirm when the video was shot.

No statements on the incident have been issued by Chinese authorities or reports found in Chinese media.