Two former Georgia election workers who are suing conservative media outlet Gateway Pundit have alleged that the company’s bankruptcy filing is explicitly designed to delay or avoid consequences in separate defamation lawsuits they have filed against the company.

“The Gateway Pundit’s chapter 11 filing has all the hallmarks of a case warranting dismissal. The Debtor is cash-flow positive and easily able to meet its debts in the ordinary course of business. The Debtor has few assets and only one employee,” Freeman and Moss’s filing says. “Outside of the Missouri Litigation and a separate defamation lawsuit pending in Colorado—neither of which is close to trial—there are few creditors, all with de minimis [insubstantial] claims. The bankruptcy filing’s timing seems designed to delay the Hoft brothers’ depositions in the Missouri Litigation (which were to take place at the end of May). Prior to the petition date, the Debtor made highly suspicious loans and other payments to the Hoft brothers. Put simply, the red flags here are large and numerous. This case [the bankruptcy] is a pure litigation tactic.”