I shop at No Frills, a discount chain in Ontario that’s a part of the loblaws oligopoly. In the last 6 months, I’ve noticed more price tags on shelves that advertise sales prices that have expired. This means that after I glance at the tag in the aisles, I will expect to pay the reduced price. However, at the register, I will be charged the full price. If I fail to notice the discrepancy at the register, I will end up paying more than I expected to and more than was advertised. To the best of my knowledge, in this scenario, the company is not considered to be at fault for false advertising. If I say I was charged the wrong price, they can just say they forgot to take down the expired tag and I’m not entitled to the cheaper price or anything related to the formerly called Scanning Code of Practice.

I’m seeing these expired sales tags more and more. At best, loblaws can’t be trusted to perform a basic duty; more nefariously, this may be an intentional scam. Word to the wise!

If there’s only 1 date (in size 8 or 10 font) on a price tag advertising a sale, it’s presumably the expiry date. Some tags may have both start and stop/expiry dates