• kryptonianCodeMonkey@lemmy.world
      2 months ago

      The first season is rough. Largely an episodic ‘freak of the week’ conflict with a new empowered antagonist each episode, with some pretty mixed results in quality and some very hard to suspend disbelief over. But then they start having some more season archs at play that are much more interesting, with the occasional, usually way more fun, cameos, guests, or empowered enemies, even some returning freaks of the week. It is never perfect, and it has some noticeable lesser seasons, including, unfortunately, the last one. But I have a soft spot for it overall, and there are some episodes that hit real fucking hard for me as a life long superman fan. I haven’t gone back to watch it again in years, but I used to play the show’s DVD sets while I worked at my developer job in college back in the late 2000’s, along with another nostalgia hit, Reaper (RIP).