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Original Title: Edmonton Bike Swap is May 11 at MacEwan University North Side 10803-105 Ave NW. We hope to continue helping thousands of Albertans with transportation security, prevent the sale and purchase of stolen bikes as Bike Index Ambassadors, and we’re doing a bike drive for Sports Ce

Just in case this is tl:dr Edmonton Bike Swap is on May 11th at MacEwan University. But, if you have questions then please read below.

First, we’d like to thank Edmonton Reddit Moderators for allowing us to promote our non-profit bike swap event once. Full disclosure that we have a $2.00 admission that will be used to repair the donated bikes. More below.

Why we do what we do - we’re Chris and Laura and we didn’t feel safe buying or selling bikes online so we founded, fund, and operate Alberta Bike Swap a non-profit that provides a safe place to buy, sell, and donate bicycles.

If you have a bike to sell we’ll tech check that bike and run the serial number through our software to verify bike ownership because no one wants to buy a stolen bike.

Want to buy a bike? Stand in line, suggest no later than 10:00. IF you can pay the $2.00 admission that $2.00 will go to repair the hundreds of donated bikes.

Have a stolen bike police report? All the bikes will be entered into the swap by 1400, please come to our event at 1400 so that you can see for yourself that your bike isn’t in our event. The police and RCMP have seized bikes from online sales and pawnshops based on what we do, and insurance companies use our paperwork as proof.

We added children’s bikes to our events because it helps families.

We work with over 30 groups to rebuild donated bikes too and have over 80 partners that help us help others. We work with every group in Alberta, except one: .

We’re doing a bike drive for Sports Central to help them. If you have an unused or have outgrown a bike we have a partner that would recondition that bike for re-use.

Municipalities spend millions on cycling infrastructure, but nothing on cycling education. We fund legitimate cycling education through CAN-BIKE, which is the only recognized cycling education program in Canada and there are only four (4) CAN-BIKE cycling instructors in Alberta. Want to learn how to safely and proficiently?

We can’t put our events on without wonderful people like you and we thank you for reading this, hopefully putting up our poster, and maybe following us on social media on LinkedIn, Twitter, FB, or IG.

The swaps are run from our kitchen table by just the two of us, we do the best we can to help as many people as we can and every bike counts.