I’ve linked it in the title.

Inrupt/Solid works a lot like how current Federated Networks work, with pods and such. Except Tim Berners-Lee believes he’s found the way to make it mainstream. It seems he’s made it as user-friendly and accessible as it needs to be.

What I know so far about Inrupt/Solid:

You will be able to easily host your own pod using a user-friendly software, or pay for a hosting service.

Your Pod hosts all of your data. It also acts a profile and login for all of the apps/sites built on the Solid Network. It uses a file directory system, set-up similarly to a website/public HTML folder to help you upload and share files.

Business/Services on the Solid platform will be required to ask for permission before using your data (the whole point of it all). You will be able to pick and choose what data they have access to and can use.

No targeted advertisements. Businesses can make their money the honest way - By providing a proper service.

Tim Berners-Lee is currently travelling the world as we speak to educate developers on how to develop on the platform.

If there are any more facts that I should add to this, let me know in the comments! I’ll continue to do research on it and keep an eye on the Twitter account. If this thread stays alive, I’ll keep adding to it.