The Plan

As an introductory subproject, I will be reaching out directly to Lemmy moderators and asking for their experiences establishing and growing their communities. Once compiled, a summary of the experiences will be written up in a living document for current best practices. To do this, I will be contacting moderators in sets of roughly 5-10 at a time. This will allow for constructive iteration in a way that posting on the “new community” subs (as is more or less standard practice) simply would not.

What then?

Once there are enough resources to be useful I’ll make announcement posts in relevant communities as well as reach out to the mods of communities like [email protected] about being linked in the sidebar.

And long term?

We’ll organize a series of activity drives intended to build bonds and strengthen the institutional knowledge of the fediverse. These initiatives may include:

  • Wiki Building
  • Outreach Drives
  • Community Consolidation and Organization
  • Cross-Community Collaboration
  • Housecleaning
    • spaduf@slrpnk.netOPM
      4 months ago

      Well, I got laid off, so my priorities have shifted drastically. Otherwise, there were a few issues to getting going. At the time that I had started, there were some pretty major federation issues among servers running on different versions of Lemmy that remained unfixed until relatively recently. The other major barrier was the lack of a good solution for information hosting (in my mind this niche is best served by wikis), but there have been some recent developments in that area. Notably, SLRPNK now has a wiki and Ibis, a new federated wiki solution, has appeared. Before this, I had been working on a Lemmy bot that would more or less jam wiki functionality into the existing Lemmy frontend, but now I think I am probably better off using one of the previously mentioned solutions. My work situation may change soon, in which case, I will pick this project back up. Alternatively, if someone else wanted to be a major contributor, a split work load would probably also allow me to pick this back up.