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  • That’s very interesting. The house is looking nice, the costs are not high and open source plan… Oh my!

    But North American seems to live in an other world sometime. My whole family live in a flat the of his “small” house. The flat is on the smaller side, yes, but it is not crowded and the house presented is not even small for a couple with two kids.

  • Big mistake here : Calling change in Paris change in France. Paris metropolitan area is basically its own small world within France, things that happened in Paris usually don’t apply, or at least don’t apply the same, in France.

    Living outside of Paris I can tell you we see that there is fast change there and it seems to be for the better in term of city livability. Still, this is still not much spread out into parisian suburbs which always had the worst live conditions.
    In other big city, change toward ‘15 minutes’ cities are happening much slower if at all and in towns and rural France the concept non existant.