A sudden exodus of employees is causing leadership to panic and suddenly puts me under a microscope with questions like:

  • Are you going to leave?
  • What can we do to keep you from leaving?
  • Do you see yourself here in 1 year?

These are all semi valid questions to ask in the best interest of the company. But I’m curious how this information could be used.

This all got me thinking – at what point could – “no - I don’t see myself in a year” be used as a resignation with a 1 year notice – and then terminated after ~3 months and be ineligible for unemployment since you “technically” resigned.

  • stealth_cookies
    26 days ago

    When answering “Are you going to leave?” or similar questions don’t say yes or no. Say you are always interested in whatever options are best for your career. If the business can continue to provide the best option then there is no reason for you to leave.