I have been looking at them a lot recently and they have a premium price is it worth it?

What does it look like when you want to upgrade? Like can you just swap out all parts over time and essentially it’s like having a custom desktop, but in small form factor.

Can you buy a base model and upgrade components over time?

Would it suit my use cases for it? Which are to run Linux, I have to use Windows as a Software Dev and so can’t do it on my main. Can I run Minecraft on Linux? I know, but I like that game it makes me happy to unwind.

I want to get more into cyber security related tasks and most likely increase my Darknet activities using Tails.

  • stealth_cookies
    29 days ago

    Yup, they took feedback from customers and have provided modified components for customers that want to purchase them. Speakers, hinges, screens, stiffer chassis. All able to be replaced with the included screwdriver and guides online.