• Em Adespoton
    1 month ago

    I understand where you’re coming from, but as a poster upthread commented, this confuses faith and belief.

    The truth is, there are atheists who are religious and atheists who aren’t— just as there are theists who are religious and theists who aren’t.

    Religion is about following a social cultural system that includes designated behaviors and usually has related icons and texts.

    It’s possible to not believe in an alien being who created the known universe and its laws and also not adhere to a system of belief that such a being doesn’t exist — and it’s also possible to be someone who aggressively self-identifies as an atheist who can quote Dawkins chapter and verse and takes every opportunity to blame theists for all the world’s ills.

    Likewise, there are both people who believe in some sort of god who don’t necessarily practice a related religion, and there are those who are religious who don’t actually believe, deep down, that there is a power higher than them.

    And this doesn’t even get into the complicated mess that is science and religion.

    As for “I have no idea what is going on” — that sums up agnosticism quite well.