• Schadrach@lemmy.sdf.org
      1 month ago

      All incidents of gun violence are included if they occurred on school property, from kindergartens through colleges/universities, and at least one person was shot, not including the shooter. School property includes but is not limited to, buildings, fields, parking lots, stadiums and buses. Accidental discharges of firearms are included, as long as at least one person is shot, but not if the sole shooter is law enforcement or school security.

      That’s kind of important since that definition doesn’t line up with what most people are thinking about when they hear “school shooting”. To provide an example, let’s say a drug deal goes bad in the parking lot of a football field after hours and someone gets shot - that’s a school shooting. Not as bad as some definitions though, since a street shooting where a stray bullet happens to strike a garage building used to maintenance school buses probably doesn’t count under this definition.

      Also, I find it interesting that the rates spiked way the hell up for the Biden admin, like 2021 to present is way higher than before.

      Also my state has a really low rate despite having extremely lax gun laws (literally allowing open carry to everyone 18+ who can otherwise legally have a gun and concealed carry to everyone 21+ who can otherwise legally have a gun).