LibreTube - uses Piped as video source by default. Subscriptions and playlists can be created, all without actually interacting with YouTube.

Clipious - uses Invidious as the video source. Also allows for subscribing and accounts. Lesser known client

NewPipe - Gets the source directly from YT. Allows for subscribing and creating playlists

Additionally, there’s also ReVanced that lets you patch the regular YT app to include useful features.

  • Taako_Tuesday
    2 months ago

    Well, you still need a client if you’re on mobile. I’m not going to watch my video essays through a browser if I can do it through an app. I use libretube which ends up being Piped under the hood, it’s just smoother.

    I also used to use revanced because it allowed me to keep a few public playlists up to date (something you can only do by interfacing with Youtube). People have their reasons for things.