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  • Pokemon Unbound is a gen3 romhack with updated mechanics and pokedex up to gen 7ish. When you start, it gives you 3 different options to make the game more challenging (difficult, expert, and insane). It also gives other options, like level caps for each gym, randomized abilities, and a “scalemons” option where every fully evolved pokemon has 600 base stats. I just recently did a run with scalemons and random abilities at the expert difficulty, and it became a really fun challenge of crafting a different team to beat each gym leader. And since I wasn’t doing a nuzlocke, the cost of failure and trying again was very low. Lots of side missions and postgame content too.

    This game has somewhat spoiled me, in that I wish every other romhack I play had some of the things Unbound has

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    I was going to calculate this for you but hey actually do this on the wiki page for eggs: “The expected value of the number of chicks an egg produces is 35⁄256 or 13.7%. This means that on average, a chick is spawned every 7.3 eggs, a stack of 16 eggs spawns 2.188 chicks, and a full inventory including the hotbar and off-hand (37 * 16 = 592 eggs) is expected to spawn approximately 81 chicks.” Egg

  • Hey. We got through the last trump presidency. If it happens, we’ll fight like hell to protect the ones who are most vulnerable, and we’ll figure it out. Personally I am still hopeful that it won’t happen. We all need to vote and not get complacent, but this panic is good, electorally speaking. One reason Clinton lost in 2016 was that a lot of people didnt take trump’s chances of winning seriously. Biden’s polling low right now because leftists are mad at him (and rightly so). But as the election starts to ratchet up more and more, we’ll hopefully see people fall in line on at least keeping Trump out of office.

    I hate it, personally. I hate that we get government-induced anxiety every election year, just to get people to vote the way they should. All this attention on Trump and Project 2025 is meant to force the undecideds to choose where they stand. If you’ve already decided how you’ll be voting in November, take a break for your own mental health. Last election cycle I made myself crazy listening to political podcasts, checking 538, analysing polling data. I can’t do it this year, so I’m trying not to get too deep into it.

  • I’m a college professor that uses BB and try to make things as easy to access as possible. The same assignments and information can be found in multiple places in the course, i avoid using the jankiest Blackboard applications, I set things up so that text is visible without having to click through another link, etc. But BlackBoard doesn’t make it easy. We’re switching to Blackboard Ultra this Fall, which I think does have some improvements, especially in the UI department, but I’m doubtful it’ll be much better.

  • They’re just taking an educated guess. Based on fossil records we’ve estimated that homo sapiens sapiens emerged about 200k-300k years ago. I’m not sure if they assumed a middle ground estimate of 250k years here, but it was probably something like that. If we’re measuring by years, the margin of error is huge, but when we’re estimating the total number of people, it doesn’t matter that much, because there were so few of us for so long.