For a search company I can’t believe how terrible the Android app search is. I can’t even search “bank” for my banking apps, and there doesn’t really seem to be any metadata except for the title that goes into the search. Which is absolutely ridiculous given how many companies name their apps something cReAtIvE like “home” or “Resideo” or “Smart Hq.” I just want to search GE for the damn GE app. Or “thermostat” for Resideo. Surely there’s something beyond surface level here because obviously this is an extensively solved problem. How is there not metadata or description searching at minimum? My only guess is fear of abuse but Google has definitely dealt with that for their entire existence and up until recently, managed to handle it fine.

  • OtterA
    2 months ago

    I’d love to have tags on apps. So many apps have a simple minimalistic name on the app, which is impossible to remember. I make do by renaming the app with terms I might search by.

    ex. “Authenticator Microsoft”, or “Vancollect City Garbage Trash Recycling