Does anyone know of a good list online of all the PlayStation 3 games that also released on the PlayStation Vita?

I’ve suddenly realised the vast amount of really great games on the PS Vita since I never really knew much about them when they were popular and on the market (plus, I was a kid and a 3DS boy). So I realised that getting a Vita will be an awesome way to play PS3 games, for those that were ported. This will be perfect for me, because I’m going to be moving into a van, and only bringing a PS5 in, leaving the PS3 in storage. So playing them on a PS Vita will be the only convenient way to do so, since a Vita doesn’t take up much space.

So far, the main games I’ve added to my Vita wishlist from the PS3 are: LittleBigPlanet; PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale; Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster; Sly Collection

But I’d really like to find a list of all of them so I can look into more and perhaps find more games to play on the Vita instead of PS3.

  • any1there
    3 months ago

    Oh right, that’s what I actually understood anyways, so my answer is still the same!