It’s painfully obvious that the Lemmy population is primarily men.


edit: to save my sanity, I choose believe that the majority of comments here are trolling. Y’all cannot genuinely be this dense.

I wanted to talk with other women about this to get more clarity and it turns into…this. Damn.

  • Rentlar
    5 months ago

    In keeping with the spirit of 2x I’m not here to spout my opinion into this community meant for those of female gender. I’ll put forward some information that may help alleviate your confusion and bring context as to why you’re receiving the responses and opinions you are:

    A survey was conducted at the end of last year, and resulted in 87% reporting as male gender, 7% as female and 6% combined as non-binary, genderfluid, other, of the users who opted to answer the question.

    Other servers probably have a similar distribution but some may be more skewed to some demographic such as