Hamas claims Israel launched series of ‘very violent raids’ targeting city of Khan Younis on Sunday, a day after ordering fresh evacuations

  • @[email protected]
    256 months ago

    I just don’t think there’s much to say right now. Pretty much everyone here knows Israel is committing genocide and they’re not going to stop until they’ve either murdered everyone in Palestine or driven all of them into neighboring countries. It’s not going to actually end there though, they’re just setting the stage for decades of terrorist attacks on Israel from the survivors and their relatives in neighboring countries.

    There’s literally no way this benefits Israel, they’ve destroyed any foreign support, energized the terrorists, and all to steal some land they’ve never really cared about. There was already a disturbing resurgence of antisemitism around the world, and this situation is just going to make it much much worse. Congratulations Israel, you’ve played yourself.

    • Rentlar
      6 months ago

      Yep you state my thoughts very aptly. I’ve said everything I’ve needed to say about this in similar threads in weeks prior. The only major changes since then are the tunnels where the tunnels Israel is flushing out, the journalists that were targeted and killed by Israel in Lebanon, and the US state department bypasses Congress to give that same army a free emergency handout of more weapons.

      US vetoing action supporting ceasefire, colonialist settlers stealing land, destroying areas Israel initially told civilians to evacuate to, and the humanitarian crisis in the area at this point are happening again and again so don’t feel like fresh news.