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  • @pedz
    5 months ago

    Canada’s Worst Driver.

    It’s an interesting concept but it wears out fast when you realize most of the people on the show would either need help with their mental health, or should simply not drive at all.

    It just shows that we have a bad health care system when it comes to mental health, and that we are dependent on cars on top of that.

    Like, they had multiple people with severe anxiety issues that thought they should absoluuuuuutely drive a car no matter how dangerous they were. And unfortunately it’s not like we could encourage those people to use the inexistant transit system where they lived.

    So most of the seasons are the same with different people, eventually all returning to driving a car, even if some should definitely not.

    And they called it ‘rehab’. Ugh. They should have realized how cringe and immoral it all is after the first few seasons, not 14!