In Windows 11 there’s a button on the taskbar next to the start button that lets you switch between multiple desktop environments. It seems like something that would probably be useful in theory, but I can’t think of any reason why I would want to use it. Is it actually useful? What do people use it for?

  • Rentlar
    74 months ago

    Just putting out there use the Ctrl-Win-Left/Right shortcuts rather than the mouse, and you’ll find much more convenience out of it. (Ctrl Alt left/right for many Linux desktops)

    I use it all the time on Linux since forever, and with W11 at work…

    It’s to separate different uses, say have a gaming space, productivity space, background messaging/email/communication. You can shove anything that you’d want running but not in front of you away, while still being able to quickly access it.

    At work I do multiple projects, so I can have Project A related folders and programs open on one workspace, with Project B stuff on another, letting me switch between. If someone calls me about project B while I was working on A, I can quickly switch over, rather than closing my current stuff, or just leaving it all open and fumbling with alt tab.