• @remotelove
        5 months ago

        I own two houses and seven toilets and I can’t say that I have ever had my toilets stink unless they are broken or not cleaned regularly.

        Also, they might be stinky if I was to get my nose all up in there, but I tend not to do that.

        As far as I know, my bathrooms all have working fans as well. That could cause issues if they were broken.

        • @[email protected]
          -45 months ago

          Cleaning regularly is the one, your short comment above insinuated flushing is all you need to do.

          • @remotelove
            35 months ago

            The short comment I posted should be classified as a quip.

            What it actually insinuated is there is a very short list of operating and maintenance procedures for toilets. If you are to the point of closing the lid to contain odors, some of those basic steps might be getting missed. Hence, the quip.