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I keep seeing communities on lemmy writing in their bio “not official” or in some way deferring to the reddit community. I also see them writing that they’re willing to give up their community to the reddit mods if they ask. It’s like the whole place has imposter syndrome.

We’re the adults, guys.

We’re here. This is our community now. We broke up with that site, and we are making a new one. Run your community the way you think it should be run. Their communities are not any more official than ours. This is our place, not theirs.

We’re the adults. We’re the mods. We’re the community.

  • JCSpark
    1 year ago

    Thank you for this. The imposter syndrome is real, especially starting what were some larger subreddits (gifs, coolguides, Shiba, and helping with Today I Learned). It’s been fun and I’m super happy to see the interactions and genuine conversation. We’re certainly our own community, and I’m so happy the fediverse is growing into something I can easily burn time on here and there.