I just discovered this amazing app! It lets you remove (or just disable) preinstalled apps like Facebook, Netflix, etc. and system apps like samsung knox apps, diagnostic, bixby, and even One UI (but you must have installed other launcher). You can’t brick your device, worst case it falls into a boot loop and after 5 reboots it will factory reset.

Debloating your device will make it faster, more private and more secure (less atack surface).

  • N-E-N
    95 months ago

    Do you suspect there are still benefits to doing this then?

    • @[email protected]
      295 months ago

      Yes. Some of them do nothing other than serve ads and /or track information.Disabling them can help thus with better privacy and longer battery life.

    • Rustmilian
      5 months ago

      Ofc. “Uninstalling” say the Facebook shitware that’s included in Samsungs from the user account prevents them from running. The apps are still very much in the system partition, but the user account will never run it because to the account it’s “uninstalled”.