Title says it all, I’m looking for something as user-friendly as a chromecast but not made by a company like google. I’m familiar with linux and if some open source software exists that can do this I would love it.

Ideally it would be able to stream things like Netflix and Disney+ using a smartphone. Would be great if it can also play local files from an external hard drive, but I have a raspberry pi with Kodi for that so that’s not a hard requirement by any means.

Price range: preferably under €/$/£100 but for something truly excellent it can be a bit more than that.

  • @AdminWorker
    5 months ago

    I bought the rii remote/controller/keyboard/mouse, a raspberry pi 4 8gb, a 4k micro HDMI, a rpi4 power cord, a 64gb micro SD card, rpi4 case with fan. I then attached it to my TV with some zip ties and a L brace

    • I installed rasbian 64bit.
    • I installed steam link (have to go to tty command line to have it work though because bullseye doesn’t have previous buster driver support yet
    • I installed kodi > Plex addon
    • I installed kodi > YouTube addon
    • I installed kodi > jellyfin add-on with repository
    • I didn’t trust the sketchy “add my repository to download and install”. Disney plus on kodi, so I made a shortcut to the browser with that site
    • I made a shortcut to Netflix browser.

    It isn’t the same as " any phone controls sound and playback" like a chromcast, but it is private and it is better than Chromecast (higher resolution and framerate, and streams/remotelycontrols local beefy gaming computers) in some ways.

    Do you know of a RPI app with a fdroid counterpart that allows clicks from a LAN smartphone?