I would like an elaboration on your first sentence. Genuine curiousity, i want to understand your point.

@altair222 disinformation does not live or die on quality or quantity - it reflects on people’s instinctive fears. It does not really matter who generates it or how much of it is around. This doesn’t add anything new to tool kit.

I do understand what you mean. My instintive reaction to the proposition that it doesnt matter of the quantity of the disinformation is to disagree. But i do not have warranted argument against it nor the health to study it currently. Do pardon me for breaking the conversation here, I appreciate the good faith nature of it.

@altair222 all is fine, I don’t have strength to explain myself fully as well, it is something instinctively - pun intended - feel :) I certainly do understand worries about this angle very much. In fact, I am more worried about sound deep fakes. That stuff will get out of hand pretty fast 😳

@altair222 thus ChatGPT as useless text generation tool does not expand disinformation that much. For better or worse. In my humble opinion, of course.

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