How will the trump supporter(s) react when they discover that they were the real mexicans all along? (ref to trump’s term in office)

wigglehard went from wolfballs to exploding heads


So i was previously banned on lemmy for actions that did not take place on the main page of lemmy.

I guess my question is, will i and my community be allowed to stay here or am I just wasting my time. That being said, feel free to dm me or insult me, criticize me as you like. Not sure if this can be seen on the main instance of lemmy or across the fediverse as s whole as im ignorant to this and truth be told, just a former local singer/rapper now turned truck driver. But let me know your thoughts. Also please dont punish kapow for hosting free forum and my band of merry men and one chick


I’ve already defederated your instance from my lemmy instance, but it’s a two person instance, and I just don’t want to deal with communities full of shit posting from a “free speech” space

a soviet snake v wiggle


What happened to blocked instances list?

Question prompted by the fact that I can see a post from exploding-heads dot com, an instance I thought both Lemmygrad and have blocked:

So I check the allowed/blocked instances list to see whether it’s still there, and the entire blocked list seems to be gone on both instances:

The instance admin needs to set it up, right? Tagging, as this seems quite important of an issue to address. Wouldn’t want the troll raids to happen again if all these instances are accidentally unblocked now.

Wigglehard uploaded spam to a fediverse sub. Not, but same idea Edit; he’s uploading offtopic to a few other sublemmies too.


After viewing this website, one can never say that some protests and news stories are not staged events.

quentin tarantino; What does this have to do with Fediverse?

wiggle seems to not understand how sublemmies are suppose to work, it’s a confusing convo to try to summarize

Now for weather with graphito, more wall news at 6

FediLore + Fedidrama
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Chronicle the life and tale of the fediverse (+ matrix)

Largely a sublemmy about capturing drama, from fediverse spanning drama to just lemmy drama.

Includes lore like how a instance got it’s name, how an instance got defederated, how an admin got doxxed, fedihistory etc

This sub’s intentions is to an archive, as in preferably don’t follow the links and get into fights with the original posters.

Tags: fediverse news, lemmy news, lemmyverse


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