I’m seeing a lot of people on this sub being extremely critical of Bernie Sanders, and I’m wondering if they’re really being critical.

When I was in high school (I’ve only been out of it for a few years), I had an acquaintance who was a socialist who was extremely critical of Bernie Sanders. I was genuinely perplexed, as I had never met a socialist who was critical of Bernie Sanders.

I went to high school in a college town, and Bernie Sanders was basically the only public figure that was socialist in this town. Even when we had a couple of Republican politicians on the school board, they were always very critical of Bernie Sanders.

This is what I mean by critical of Bernie Sanders. I think Sanders’ campaign is going to have a huge effect on American politics. Many socialists are going to be supporting Sanders, and I worry that some people here are going to be critical of Bernie Sanders because of it.



I was a socialist in high school and I’ve seen my share of socialist and socialist-adjacent people and none of them are critical of Bernie Sanders or his campaign. I mean, if you are in high school where you are the last person to be an internet activist, you are probably in the minority.

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