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  • Here’s my breakdown with a comparison.

    I was really impressed with Hartman at ND so they got a big bump. I thought they’d be good, but I didn’t anticipate how good they’d look on offense with Hartman.

    I don’t know why I expected SoCal to be better on defense. The offense looks to be fine, but you really can’t just count on outscoring every team every week. so they dropped a good bit.

    I’ll try to avoid poll inertia as we move into week one, so I’d expect my ballot to rapidly change week-to-week.

    Rk Week 0 Week 1 Change
    1 Georgia Georgia
    2 Michigan Michigan
    3 Ohio State Ohio State
    4 Alabama Alabama
    5 Penn State Penn State
    6 Washington Washington
    7 SoCal LSU 1
    8 LSU Oregon 1
    9 Oregon Notre Dame 7
    10 TCU TCU
    11 Utah Utah
    12 Tennessee SoCal -5
    13 clemson Tennessee -1
    14 Florida State clemson -1
    15 Texas Florida State -1
    16 Notre Dame Texas -1
    17 Kansas State Kansas State
    18 Tulane Tulane
    19 Oregon State Oregon State
    20 South Carolina South Carolina
    21 Duke Duke
    22 Boise State Boise State
    23 Mississippi State Mississippi State
    24 Texas Tech Texas Tech
    25 North Carolina North Carolina