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  • They’re exploiting vulnerabilities and back doors not brute forcing your passcode. The only way you’re keeping them out is with hardware encryption which the iPhone has and probably why it’s the only one not vulnerable. Hardware encryption also won’t matter if your vendor shares their keys with law enforcement. As far as I’m aware, Apple is the only one that’s gone to court and successfully defended their right to refuse access to encryption keys.

    Don’t put anything incriminating on your phones.

  • All you’ve really demonstrated is that China and Japan are well represented in one very specific pollution phenomenon but not why that is. There are a number of reasons that those two could be overemphasized that aren’t “these guys are doing all the plastic pollution”. For example, ocean currents probably play a big role, in combination with the location of the patch itself.

    You cannot extrapolate this out into a representative sample of the sources of all plastic pollution, it’s statistical gymnastics. Hell, the article you linked even offers an alternative explanation for why Japan is so high:

    One of the reasons that Japan is thought to contribute so highly was that the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami washed large amounts of debris offshore.

    It’s at the end of the article though so I can see how you might have overlooked it in your rush to place all the blame on foreigners.

  • You can spin up a cheap VPS in a matter of minutes for less than five dollars. You do not need anything but a credit card usually. If you want a dedicated server all to yourself then it gets significantly more expensive but no less straightforward. If you want to put your own hardware online you’ll have to look at a collocation seller or arrange something with an ISP.

    Of course if your home internet connection upstream is good enough, and your ISP permissive enough you could also just do dynamic DNS and have everything running off that.