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  • I’ve been a pyro from Day 1 and will continue to be one when they nerf it. It’s definitely a lot easier now than in the past.

    You had to have lightning reflexes to stop drop cover and roll when fire damage was really high, but now your burning time to death is a lot longer.

    Hunters and jumpers, on fire, no longer catch you on fire because they die before getting close enough. Thanks dot patch.

    Bile and nourishing spewers, the dreaded enemy of all pyros, seem more manageable. They were excellent at one shot killing a helldiver because you couldn’t see them through the carnage. Need more time with them at higher difficulties to know.

    Roasting a charger leg using 3/4 of a canister always left good. Thanks fire dmg patch.

    Salute that pyro on a bot planet. That helldiver is living the dream.