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  • Because you need help. That’s probably why you posted this in the first place; even if you can’t admit it to yourself, you still have a desire to connect with others. Otherwise it would have been pointless for you to post this at all, right?

    Others have tried being compassionate. I thought I would try being a little harsh. Sometimes a shock to the system can force you to take a new perspective, which could help you start to break out of the pit of misery you’ve created for yourself.

    I wish you the best of luck in finding a pathway through this. You still have more than half your life ahead of you, and it would be an awful waste to give up in your 30s. I won’t be replying to you again.

  • “service of legal process” is the formal delivery of court papers to someone involved in a lawsuit by a neutral third party (a process server). The comic depicts an initial service of process, which is when the defendant typically first learns about the lawsuit.

    So it’s a joke playing off of “getting served” legal papers, combined with the slang Mojave discussed in detail in another reply.