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  • Everyone that complained about the wintel dominance I always found humorous because their alternative was PowerPC which was developed by Apple IBM and Motorola and fabbed by IBM. Not saying it was or wasn’t better, it just didn’t feel like a better alternative on the surface with it being done up by IBM and Apple.

    There were so many architectures and they’ve all fallen off the face of the earth. My favorite search engine when I was a kid ran on 2 DEC alpha servers.

  • You must not remember the steaming pile of shit that system 8 & 9 was. Their focus on the education market was to get a generation used to using their products and they would stay in the Apple ecosystem after school. Their investment in education was mostly a smokescreen. They’ve also been bullying since the iPhone 4 right after they started having success in the mobile market. Remember when they said you’re holding the phone wrong?

    Anyone in the industry during that time knew Steve Jobs was an asshole during his first stint at Apple and even more so when he came back from NeXT. He laid the foundation for this behavior then built an empire. The culture doesn’t seem to have changed much.

  • Democrats made absolutely no noise when presidents of their party made powerful (IMHO unconstitutional) executive orders the last biggest being the drone strike ordered by Obama that killed an American without due process.

    You can bellyache about this court, but there was no noise from Democrats when the Warren and Burger courts legislated from the bench and ignored precedent for most of last century.

    My point is when Democrats do it, Republicans gripe about it but secretly like having that power when they get on office, and when Republicans do it, Democrats will gripe but will use that same power when they get in office. If you want real change vote for people that opposed it when both parties did it.