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When a system rewards the few using the work of the many, it’s an issue both with the system and the bad actors. Even if momentarily no one’s capitalizing on the poorer classes, know there’s always someone willing to do it.

As prominent as Type 2 (Insulin Resistant Diabetes) can be, its always been “cured” with a healthy diet and exercise. Type 1 (Insulin Dependent Diabetes) is another ball game altogether due to the autoimmune components. Being similarly named yet soo different leads to a lot of misunderstandings with Diabetes. There’s even kind of a Type 3 (Gestational Diabetes) where a woman is pregnant and becomes diabetic. This rarely leads to a permanent diagnosis after giving birth but does happen. Even more confusing, I knew a triathlete who was Type 2 yet it would be hard for him to do much better from a diet and exercise standpoint. Maybe a low calorie diet would have helped as he had massive feast while training.

As Twitter implodes under Musk's rule, a lawsuit argues Tesla is vastly overpaying the world's richest man.

Its all about your threat model and the security/privacy level you want to achieve. If you don’t want cell tower triangulation to give away your location, this is a great free option. But VPN’s only alter the IP address given to websites, even with a WiFi only setup if you don’t disable WiFi scanning, that’ll give your location away too.

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It appears to be more for customers rather than green lighting big business. Getting end users used to higher bills and no wiggle room with this logic prevents wide spread uproar.

Linkage disequilibrium is a known issue in the study of human genetics and throws off the general understanding of gene linkage. But its studied well and responsible for humans not being classified as ideal organisms, so at least geneticist are aware of the caveat.

When VLC uses thethe graphics processor, this accelerates decoding of video streams. So it can use the graphics card to make smoother video. Inline assembly also ties back into speed as inline assembly will make things run more efficiently as well.

Elegantly said, the truth is no longer compatible with the US oligarchy, hasn’t been for a while truly

How would you explain Zelensky’s open commentary regarding being entirely unable to do a thing without US approval prior to this conflict? To such an extent he was literally about to step down. Maybe I misunderstand the Presidential role, is it common for the leader of a country to need foreign approval before anything can be done?

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Ok, so the US just routinely drops drone bombs on countries for fun?

Edit: What about the 2014 US lead coup to install their own puppet government in Ukraine??? Thats totally fine and has nothing to do with Russia’s stance on the Ukraine situation?

Seems like you are the one who needs to take a step back from propaganda…

Most definitely is, just tough to see how the US’s desire is most often rule via chaos while China more often than not is making agreements to aid developing countries is apples to apples.

It’d bet for most of em its was their first investment as well. Even if not, its a different ball game compared to typical investments.You need to dig into the white papers and identify the use case then analyze its application and possible competition. Plus the tokenomics are vital as even in bear markets you can still bring in money. Just like how there was 30+ car manufacturers in the US and now theres just a handful, only projects with practical application and established tokenomics with farming options will succeeded while the others with fade away. The market is finally no longer in its infancy and now is filtering out all the bullshit money grabs.

After digging around a bit, these sites offer free .flac (lossless) music, the first link even offers free movies, books, software & images too:

  1. https://archive.org Just search for FLAC, click the audio file you want to save. Find ‘Download options’ & download the music file.

  2. http://www.2l.no This is one of the best free lossless music download sites. It provides free hi-res music files that are available in DXD, DSD64, DSD128, DSD 256, MQA, ETC. Visit the 2L website and click HiRes Test Bench. Then you can download hi-res music for free without registration required.

Did you source the 34 page document and read the study? If so, I’m blown away as they make quite a concise point demonstrating developmental acceleration via telomere length, age of DNA methylation, pubertal timing as well as cortical and prefrontal cortex thinning. It’s shown these are molecular direct signs of accelerated development. All stemming from early life adversity involving threats and/or violence. Nonthreatening/violent stress has well known physical manifestations yet the data wasn’t statistically significant for this stress type, however, the molecular age of the subjects was vastly different compared to the control producing statistically significant results.

Here’s the entire study in PDF: https://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/releases/bul-bul0000270.pdf

Super frustrating they spent time developing these Stories rather than improving the UI so all users were aware if a message was encrypted or normal SMS…Why I ought!! 😤

It popped up this morning and instantlly found the setting to disable it. Not even sure what the use case for Stories would be

Dont forget about COVID, Fed claims by April the states will be losing 1,400 people daily on average!

For someone still early on in coding, open-source provides some comfort as folks with light years more experience help to ensure the programs do as intented plus instead of having to buy software I’m able to throw spare cash at projectes I enjoy when it makes sense.