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  • Each SimpleX release gets me closer to using it. The upcoming v5.8 update is no exception:

    This release focus is improving the app usability, and preparing the foundation for v5.8 that will provide an in-built protection of user IP addresses when connecting to unknown file and messaging servers, reducing the need to use Tor (which would still remain supported via SOCKS proxy, for additional privacy).

    And another round of security audits:

    We are planning a 3rd party security audit for the protocols and cryptography design in July 2024, and also the security audit for an implementation in December 2024/January 2025,

    Looking good.

    Edit: SimpleX v5.7.5 is 313 MB without Data/Cache on Android. Yikes.

    Client Version App size
    SimpleX v5.7.5 313 MB
    Threema Libre 5.3.1l 138 MB
    Jami 20240521-01 102 MB
    Briar 1.5.11 101 MB
    Session 1.18.4 99 MB