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  • You should not be able to make a huge life changing decision like deciding to be cisgender until you’re an adult.

    How many different “phases” do kids go through? Obviously not in all cases will this be a phase, but what if it is and an irreversible decision to proceed with cisgender puberty is made when they’re too young to fully understand it?

    Clearly, the solution is for all people to be forcefully injected with puberty blockers (or for a more accurate comparison, “opposite sex” hormones) until they’re 18, because they’re too young to know if they’re cis.

    This fake analogy quote was snark, hopefully clearly so, but the point remains >.<. Fuck transphobia - forcing trans kids to be treated as cis is dehumanising and kills people. People aren’t DeCIdInG To ChANgE ThEir GeNDeR because being trans isn’t “”“deciding to change your gender”“”. The level of ignorance and fucked up nonsense in your comment is fractal.

  • Power being priced negative is awesome. We need more of it imo, make energy so abundant that it makes processes that were previously too energy-intensive viable, and enables a massive increase in both residential and grid storage capacity.

    My opinion is that Na-ion batteries are the way for bulk grid storage and apartment/home storage nya.

    They use hyper abundant materials and are now reaching the point of decent endurance, and if you arent bothered by them being heavy (as is the case for grid and residential storage), they’re fairly comparable to Li-Ion without the usage of relatively rare Lithium.

  • Fuck this bioessentialist piece of trash.

    I don’t believe in any god, but even if I did I would not think such an entity had any right to dictate or make judgements on who I am and how I am, or my identity or purpose.

    I’m so goddamn sick of this bullshit. I get to decide who I am and set my own path, fuck these people who think they get to tell me (and everyone else) what my life and body and purpose and identity are >:(

    Really, I can’t even begin to describe how much I hate this sort of patronising bullshit, how many of us have to suffer or die because of the relentless repressive normativity imposed by these groups and their infantilising ideologies of self repression and obedience and compliance, especially with the “dignity” and “diversity” doublespeak they’ve been trying to use in the past few months even while they systematically try to erase those very same things from anyone who doesn’t fit into their suffocatingly binary and restricted conceptualisation of identity nya.

    Our biology, identity and lives should be ours to control. We are capable of deciding our goals and purposes. I frankly hope more people realise they don’t need some patronising religious institution to tell them how they should exist or what their purpose should be (if any, some folks are more nihilistic), and seize their morphological autonomy and decision making from groups that would deny it to them under the guise of such bullshit as supposed “dignity” ^.^

    Seriously, fuck this. The Catholic Church (and this “”“cool”“” pope), as well as pretty much all the other organised religious institutions who propagate the same infantilising and self-subjugating rhetoric, can go fuck themselves with a cactus in every available hole.

  • Its all bioreactionary stuff, really. Its always been about control and conformity to their idea of a “”“natural”“” role.

    Using technology to aid in reproduction is seen as bad because it’s doing something “”“nature”“”/“”“god”“” did not dictate you do as per their highly authoritarian worldview.

    Basically anything that would let you have agency over your body is hated by these people, because their real ideology is one of control, social and physical conformity, and obedience (to “god”, to what’s “natural”, to repressive social norms, to churches, to parents - these folks view children as property, to whatever hierarchy exists, to some strongman leader, etc. :/)

    The same logic applies to something as comparatively minor as hairdye or piercings - they always freak out about that stuff, ever notice? - to something as major as being trans or the state of someone’s uterus. Its all about control over people’s bodies and minds and identities to what they may deem “natural” (or often “godly”) (which usually involves hierarchies of prejudice as well as opposing any technological means to have control over yourself, and also opposing people’s access to information and critical thinking skills - e.g. promoting internet censorship often of queer groups <.<, or opposing science & critical thinking education).

    Anything that gives people the option to decide for themselves what they want - technologically, socially, informationally - rather than obeying some higher authority (“nature”, “god”, the state, corporations, parents, social norms) is opposed. Anything that demonstrates people have used those methods - such as any kind of transition stuff, miscarrages (because it “could” be due to abortificants nya), or the things mentioned earlier - is to be punished. Socially, monetarily, physically, legally, anything.

  • Think about it this way. Many LGBTQ+ identites have been considered to make people “mentally unwell” (even to this day, the way stuff like being trans or asexual is talked about is… >.<). Or what about, say an autistic person who may do exceptionally well in one part of the test but fail some other parts (or even be unable to complete them).

    This isn’t even starting on the issues of socioeconomic and cultural biases (which have been discussed elsewhere in depth).

    The problem is “mental competency” is a pretty damn flexible concept and one that is frequently weaponised en-masse against various groups of people to strip away agency >.<, as it is often based on ideas which have primarily been from very specific perspectives, which can be malicious (see disenfranchisment of black people), or dehumanisation (see the fact that the Double Empathy Problem associated with autistic people was only really acknowledged in the past 10 years when they actually considered how their behaviour could appear from autistic people’s perspective, and only really because autistic autism researchers got some publishing and papers <.<), or simple incompetence, or any combination.

    There’s many more examples of this, that I haven’t even started covering. The fact is that any “mental competency” requirement for a public office implies some kind of testing and barring process, which is ripe with all the flaws listed many times :p

  • The war on drugs is just shit urgh. Fucking over people’s lives, both directly (“you put something in your body that the government didnt approve of so suffer”), and indirectly (“other people put this stuff in their body in ways we don’t approve of, so even though with doctor’s suggestion we have decided you’re allowed to have a little bit for medical reasons and hence know it is probably vital you have it, we’re just going to make it difficult, frustrating, or impossible to get and ruin big parts of your life in case you’re secretly using it in ways we dont approve of”) nya

    It’s wrecking people’s lives by presumption of guilt - or at least, not presumption of innocence - for a stupid “crime” (where at least some of the committers are also likely to be self medicating ADHD lmao).

    I have ADHD (and have medication for it, though i dont use it 100% of the time every day, but do have it most times). I have methylphenidate, which is a bit different to adderal though its still a stimulant.

    Honestly the side effects are not great (really don’t understand why someone would have this recreationally at any higher dose), but I don’t actually give a shit if soneone does consume it either recreationally or for uni work (though stimulants in non adhd people worsen problem solving skills while on it, but the fact people use it for studying and still benefit really to me illustrates a problem with the way things are taught and assessed as well as the high sociopolitical pressure for grades) >.<.

    I actually get a bit irritated sometimes, cause a lot of adhd folks see these shortages and blame “illegal users” rather than bullshit war on drugs policy that violates bodily autonomy.

    At least as far as I am concerned I dont think people using these things illegally is “wrong” - I don’t see why it’s any of my business even if I don’t think it’s the greatest idea or get why given the side effects (might be a bit different for adderal since it has some slightly different effects to what I have nya) - especially when some of them may be self-medicating, as per this article.

  • The link is to a court filing with the UN.

    And its not just the actions, its the statements by Israeli figures, which aren’t related to the PA/are easily externally verifiable.

    They clearly demonstrate intent and action for genocide, and the most significant aspects like razing half of Gaza to the ground, bombing “”“safe zones”“” (which are already essentially force mass migration, and what about people who cant evacuate), preventing even the most basic access to food, water, electricity, healthcare, etc. are easy to see.

    If you want more named sources, perhaps consider that Israel apparently loves to prevent journalistic entry and also bomb journalists in Gaza <.<

    And we all know what Israel’s statements are. “Everything is a Hamas base, so lets use masses of high yield bombs in highly urbanised areas while deliberately bombing the zones we pretended were safe, and our officials cheer on mass slaughter of civilians while claiming no person in Gaza can be considered a civilian and comparing them to animals or filth to be removed”