When I die I hope it’s doing 2 of my favourite activities- sitting and doing nothing.

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  • I am currently in the act of my own version of ‘skin cycling’

    I’ve had a good look online for which actives have the research to back them up (some of which I was aware of before) and then try and arrange everything so it gets a fair distribution, without irritating the crap out of my skin (last time I went for it my skin got slightly fried)

    So far it seems to be working, I’m about 2 months in. I can do an acid exfoliation, Tret, copper peptides in the pm with an evening off, and alternate between copper peptides and Vit C/antioxidants during the day…then restart the process for the next 4 days

    Also I’m trying out NIODs CAIS (copper peptides) and FECC (eye serum, peptides, matrixyl etc) since May. I’ve been using them as much as I can within my routine, without combining them when I exfoliate and use Tret, Vit C etc

    I think I can see a difference around my eyes, I’m still not sure about the rest of my face, I have been using them on my neck and above the ole’ boobs…I’m not sure whether it’s only the CAIS (or a combi with the aha/Tret) but my decolletage does look better and my neck too, less crepey

    It’s early days yet, but I will report back 😀

  • I’m getting big foreshadowing vibes that one of The Boys is going to die this season, and I think it would be too obvious to be Butcher (I think he’ll probably end up killing Homelander along with himself in the next and final season) …but I could be completely wrong!

    Either way I like it when The Boys have their backs against the wall, with all their previous misdeeds biting them on their arses and no obvious solution in sight (although it is truly depressing seeing the parallels with the way Voight and the supes manipulate and twist everything in the media, and our present situation/s)

  • Totally agree…

    I’ve been using mint for the last 4 years, and while I have had to use the command line for some obscure installs, it also works as an OS without needing to use it (i jumped in at the deep end and installed it in a pc I got from my brother and used it as my everyday OS)

    I don’t understand why Mint isn’t the first suggestion for Linux ‘virgins’ switching over from Windows etc, it has everything you need pre installed plus the download manager for anything else

    Linux has a flavour for everyone, and after a while when you’re confidence and skills grow there is the fun of using the command line and a bit of tinkering…or not, if you are happy with the ‘basics’

  • quinacridone@lemmy.mltoNostalgiaThe Beastmaster (1982)
    2 months ago

    We used to have a video club at Primary School (5-12 years) where you’d pay something like 10p to watch a film after school on a crappy TV. One such film was Beastmaster, we also watched Raiders of the Lost Ark, and inexplicably Assault on Precinct 13 (one of the older kids brought it in and told us younger ones not to say anything to the teachers)

    Needless to say, I loved Beastmaster and Raiders, and didn’t have a clue what was happening in Precinct 13 apart from the swearing and violence…Fun times

  • I don’t normally comment on news posts, but in this instance, FUCK CANCER

    Fuck cancer for stealing my brother from me, and for taking half my bf’s lung

    I seriously hopes this works for everyone out there living with this disease, and for their families, friends, the people who love them…

    …and also for everyone who has died too soon and missed their chance for survival. Their donation of tissue samples and furthering the cancer research that ultimately wouldn’t help them, but will help the poor bastards that are diagnosed today and in the future…It is bitter sweet

    Fuck cancer

  • a certain ‘labor of love’ needs to be involved

    You are not wrong! I think I must be mental sometimes, but it can be good fun discovering new things and then sharing them…

    I really like her work, I posted last week some of her cityscapes of Manchester, which is interesting to see the ordinary and mundane of somewhere you know immortalized in art. I’ve got some others of hers which I’ll probably share next week

    Also thanks for the tip regarding the code to expand images, it would be nice if the developers added a nice easy button to click to do it for me, but it’s something I can remember to do, like all the other minor things that help when making a post (it’s a learning process)

    Cheers! 😀

    edit, I’ve just tried it out on one of my posts on mander, it works really well!