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  • The local cottontail raised her litter in my yard and the family didn’t care for them, other than using them as a hangout spot. They did eat all the Virginia spiderwort and there’s a bunch of violet stems around with no leaves, but mostly they stick to the plantains (Plantago sp.) in the lawn.

    I had no idea deer lived in the city until I started doing this. Sometimes I’ll catch one sleeping in my backyard which is a surreal sight. They munched the sunchokes, hazelnut, and chokeberry to the ground, but all are bouncing back.

  • Most of the flowers are divisions of plants, some volunteers and others I got as plugs in summer 2022. I decided to start small and expand over time. The coneflower was four plants last spring which I divided into 12, then into about 30 this spring. Rose milkweed and late boneset are just as prolific.

    I have spread some seeds around and others have blown in. The groundcover in the second photo is all volunteer.

    The mulch was leftover from a chipdrop. I used it to make the beds look “intentional” when everything was sparse and muddy back in February :) The plan is for everything to grow so dense that I won’t need to mulch it again.

  • I grew up on concrete with streets peppered by exotic callery pear and feral pigeons. It wasn’t until a friend moved to a neighborhood with big yards (for the city, anyway) that I saw cardinals, bluejays, cottontails, foxes, and nights lit up by fireflies.

    I live close to that neighborhood now and the streets here are lined with willow oak, black cherry, and sycamore. So many woodland creatures and cool bugs, some of which are recorded on iNat.

    But go a mile south to a redlined neighborhood and the canopy is sparse to none. The streets are lined with empty tree wells, usually sloppily paved over. Some years ago, the police installed bright white spotlights and surveillance cameras. Absolutely brutal stuff.

  • You’ve convinced me 👩‍🌾 the bees were all over them so there’s dozens of future fruits growing. I think these are at least two different species/hybrids given the variance in flower form and coloration. I’ll be neat if they taste different, too!

    The pads are what I really want to try… the new growth looked so yummy lol. I read they taste like a mix of green beans and okra. Sounds delish.