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  • wiatoComic Strips@lemmy.worldYou have 3 wishes
    15 days ago

    Weird too, cus you could destroy the universe with 2 or even just 1 wish maybe?.

    2 wishes: Repeat wish 2, repeat wish 1. Universe ends in magical overload.

    1 wish: Don’t fulfill this wish. I feel like that’s less magical end of the universe and just death of the genie I guess?

  • wiatoScience Memes@mander.xyzGrass is Greener
    23 days ago

    Biologist here, the body itself isn’t what grows the “greener grass”. It’s just the start of a long biological process that will lead to ecological growth.

    A tree isn’t going to feed directly off of the body. But the decay process will provide nutrients to the tree. We’re talking about insects and fungus at various levels of the process here. You can look up things like the Trophic Levels and Nutrient Cycles for more details on this whole process.

    TLDR would be that the corpse floods the area with nutrients and maybe even kills off the plants with over abundance of nitrogen, but then fungus and bugs move in, then bigger bugs and small animals, and so on and then better plant systems. It’s kind of neat.

  • I’m with you here.

    I played it just recently so I didn’t get to play with as many people as I’m sure there were at the start. I did encounter others frequently enough though. Even played with 1 person for a big chunk.

    It was fine. It’s pretty and it has soul for sure but it’s not a transcendent experience like so many seem to describe. Maybe I’m broken in my own way, maybe I missed something, maybe I don’t understand art. Who knows.

    I had fun though and it was worth the price.