My namesake is a human librarian that was turned into an orangutan. All he says is “Ook” and can traverse the library stacks with great ease. He is happy.

I have a pretty strange knowledge set. I’m not super friendly, but I like to get high and link people to stuff. Just pretend I said only “ook”

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  • I actually love that we have resourses like this.

    My gripe is that they miss the mark by targeting new dads. The reason dad jokes are great is they are the first jokes your kid understands. So I would think dads of 4 to 9 year-olds would be a better target.

    The high you feel when your kid cracks up at some offhand dumb joke can’t be bottled.

    But the reason I love this as a resourse is that explaining jokes to a curious child develops connections in their head in a way that only a parenting rolemodel can really do. So even if it’s not laugh-out-loud funny to explain a joke, if your child tells you that they do not get a joke, first and foremost realize that is a vunerable admission. Buddies will rag on you for not getting it. Parents see a gap in their kids’ world experience that they can fill.