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    Still true though. I’m distro-agnostic, running the best whatever for the job at hand.

    When I give a presentation at a conference about something technical, the question always comes up: “Why are you running that on so-and-so? $Distro is so much better…” and their whole train of thought deviates from the subject at hand.

    Point is, the tool is the tool. If Fedora is the best option given our licenses and use scenario, I don’t need to hear about how much better xyz is and how we’re wasting money.

    I just want xyz to work. I don’t need the distro wars to be a thing when I’ve got 6 other more important things to attend to.

  • We used to use Malwarebytes Corporate Edition at work.

    One afternoon all of our web servers stopped responding to traffic on port 443. I could RDC into the servers, and I could ping them, but most traffic wasn’t being passed properly.

    Despite not having made any changes, I did everything I could think of to get them to work. I tried moving them to different switches, different static IPs, Wireshark showed packets flowing, but no web traffic.

    I left the office. It was around 8 PM and I had been banging my head on my desk trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

    I came back around 10 PM, mind clear and stomach topped off. I worked a few more minutes, then heard the Outlook ding.

    Mass email from Malwarebytes CEO. Bad update. Blocked all class B IP addresses by mistake (guess which class we used). Mea culpa. So sorry. New update fixes things.

    I immediately uninstalled MWB CE and boom. Services restored.

    The next week we got our licenses refunded by our VAR and we never used that product again.

  • This got me too once. I was in the server room replacing old 110 punch panels/blocks with 8P8C connections. I lost track of cable connections, a mistake I have learned from, and I looped a patch cable into the same switch. Within moments the entire network went down.

    Forty-five minutes later and we figured out the loop.

    Another lesson learned: HP Procurve switches did not have Spanning Tree enabled by default.

    Anyway, mistakes happen, especially in IT. It’s all part of the learning experience. My boss was the coolest, chillest guy in the world so I learned and moved on.

  • Welcome to the fediverse!

    Definitely search for the communities you are interested in and click subscribe. There may be several similar communities on different Lemmy instances with different rules or vibes. Also, if the subscribe button says subscribe pending, you can ignore that.

    Lemmy is amazing to be a “knight of new” as it were because the cross-talk, noise, bots, etc are just not there like they are in reddit. I’ve found communities I never would have known about.

    Keep in mind Lemmy is very actively developed. If you do end up staying with Lemmy consider tossing a few dollars to the devs. I’ve always found the devs courteous and approachable when I’ve encountered a bug.

  • Posting due to site not being EU-accessible:

    CUSTER, Wis. -Summer’s here, and that means a lot of Wisconsinites are getting their boats out on the water. But don’t feel intimidated if you’re pushing off from the dock and see a semi-truck making waves on the open water.

    John Yach of Custer spent the winter building a pontoon out of a Peterbilt cab he calls the “Semi-Conscious”.

    “My wife came up with that one day we couldn’t figure out a name thought about it for weeks had all kinds of ideas and sitting on the couch she came up with Semi-Conscious,” Yach said.

    Each year for the past few Yach has had a project: one year a 1966 C10 Chevy pickup, the next, a tri-toon you can drive from the bar.

    But why build the semi-pontoon?

    “To see if I could,” he replied with a grin.

    No engineering degree needed: Yach used to be a welding fabrication machine operator.

    He spent 700 hours on the semi pontoon, made with real truck parts from across the country friends, family, Google and Facebook helped him find.

    “Every piece has been modified, cut, re-welded, lightened up, gutted out all interiors,” Yach said. “Everybody pitched in. (My) wife, she kind of left me alone, so I could get it done.”

    The chassis is 250 pounds of real aluminum Peterbilt, with a keg that Yach is looking to get working soon too. “The front I’ve got all hinged. So that can be used for storage, so the grill opens up.”

    The pontoon has a top speed of about 25 miles per hour.

    “It pulls up out of the water, really nice, feels good, it steers and you actually feel like you’re sitting in a semi,” Yach said.

    Inside, it’s almost all Bentley pontoon from the steering wheel to the fuel gauges.

    The Semi-Conscious blew up on Tik-Tok, and it even made one person blink twice when the horn broke through the calm scene where they were camping once.

    “A guy pulled in and thought that the semi had backed right into the water because they had it up onshore at our site, and the site is lower than the road. So he could just see the top half of the semi sticking out of the water,” Yach said.

    Yach is not looking in the rearview mirror – he’s already thinking of his next creation. “An all-terrain machine that floats so I can go from my house, hit the water, go fishing on it.”

    Despite the passion project, the whole Yach family will be the first to offer you the semi-pontoon for a trip on their private lake.

    Because that’s the load this semi’s always lugging – smiles.

    “Usually wherever we go they got to stop at the sandbar everybody wants to take pictures and look inside, and talk about basically how it was buiIt,” Yach said. “I think it was worth it.”

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    The small penis rule was referenced in a 2006 dispute between Michael Crowley and Michael Crichton. Crowley alleged that after he wrote an unflattering review of Crichton’s novel State of Fear, Crichton included a character named “Mick Crowley” in the novel Next. The character is a child rapist, described as being a Washington, D.C.–based journalist and Yale graduate with a small penis.

    Power move